Invites you to create your dream home in Israel!

Good design requires a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, desires and vision.

I believe in a collaborative approach to the design process.

I am committed to creating a beautiful and harmonious environment for you in Israel. For your peace of mind, I maintain a complete roster of professionals on call.

They include: painters, carpenters, upholstery experts, brass and furniture restorers, wallpaper hangers, electricians and plumbers.


offers a complete range of design services for residential and commercial interiors.

  • Color specialist – Innate talent to analyze and combine colors
  • Design – Innovative and creative
  • Space planning – Strong ability to visualize and provide solutions
  • Feng Shui – Intuitive talent for creating a balanced and relaxing atmosphere
  • Research & Shopping – Observant, quick to eliminate, and decisive
  • Specify, purchase, sell – Specialize in furniture, art, and accessories
  • Installation – Developed a reputation for attention to details

Don’t forget to ask about our:

HOME MANAGEMENT PROJECT for absentee homeowners
COMPLETE SET-UP SERVICE for people who want their new home ready to move into when they arrive.